Andi Soraya Biography

Andi Soraya Biography

Full Name: Andi Soraya
Popular Name: Andi Soraya
Date of Birth: June 18, 1976
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation: Model, Star Advertising, Artists
Name of Father: Andi Zen
Mother's Name: Laela
Husband: Ahmad Kurnia Wibawa (Berc * rai), Rudi Sutopo (2011-present)
Children: Shawn Adrian (from Ahmad Kurnia Wibawa), Darren Sterling Emmanuel

Andi Soraya was born on June 18, 1976 in Jakarta. He is a soap star, model and artist also Indonesia. He began his career in the entertainment world as a model and explore the role of the art world through the soap opera "Last Tears" which never aired on RCTI. In addition Andi Soraya is also known as the star advertising some products Prenagen, B-29, Vegeta, Bank Mandiri and Hit.

Andi Soraya
In 2008, Andy began playing a role on the big screen with an adult comedy, "You guys, I'm sluggish", while also he has starred in the movie "Ghosts Ab * rsi", "My Jandamu Wait," "implant Pocong", "Want to Dong Ah", "Coming Peak Ghost Month", "Arisan foregoing", "A Confession Pel * cur", "mejeng Love", "Red Onion Garlic".

Never Override the cases Andi Soraya
On October 9, 2008, Andy was sentenced to criminal punishment for 3 months, as they relate accused of throwing a glass at the wife of a businessman, Vishnu Wanto. Andi has also been at odds with Dewi Persik dam in mid-February 2009, Andy again preached at odds with Catherine Wilson.

Andi Soraya Personal Life
Andi was married to Ahmad Kurnia Wibawa. But their marriage ended in November 2001. Andi asks cer * i because her husband does not like Andi Ahmad Kurnia career in the entertainment world. From his first marriage, Andi blessed with a child that is Shawn Adrian Khilafat.

Later, Andi sitcom actress in a relationship with Steve Emmanuel. They were living together without marriage to bear a son, Darren Sterling Emmanuel.

In October 2009, appeared the photographs lovingly with a foregoing Ferly Son.
On the day Friday, November 18, 2011, Andi Soraya is married to a businessman from the 52-year-old Borneo, Rudy Sutopo.

Photos Andi Soraya
Andi Soraya Biography

Andi Soraya Filmography
The film has ever played by Andi Soraya: You guys, I'm sluggish (2008), Ghost Ab * rsi (2008), My Jandamu Wait (2008), implant Pocong (2009), Dong Ah Mau (2009), Ghost Month Peak Come ( 2010), Arisan brondong (2010), Recognition A Mop * cur (2010), mejeng Love (2011), Red Onion Garlic (2011)

Soap opera ever played Andi Soraya: Reincarnation, Tears Finally, Eclipses, Love, Self-Esteem 2, Three Women, I And He, 3 in 1, Si Yoyo 1 s / d 2, Hidayah, Glass Shoes, Kirana Love, Love and Amara, Hafizah.

Star Ads: Prenagen, B-29, Vegeta, Bank Mandiri, Hit

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